Agrofer Self-unloading Picking Trailers

These trailers have been designed for carrying bins of fruit or grapes and to allow easy self-unloading without the use of a forklift.

They can quickly transport bins from the orchard to yard, which keeps bins out of the orchard and removes soil contamination. Self unloading also allows for a speedy turn around.

Lengths available for carrying three, four or five bins.

The trailer has folding footboards (200mm wide) for easier access to the bin to empty the fruit in comfortably.

A clever ‘Bascule’ drawbar system gives fantastic turning in and out of tight rows.

The drawbar design also enables gentle tipping of the trailer, so the bins can gently slide down the roller track to the ground without jolting the product.

Road legal with 10.0/75 15.3 tyres and wheels, min. 8 ply.

Hydraulic trailer brakes
Hydraulic operation of loading ramps
Road lighting kit

Model No. of bins Trailer length excl.   drawbar mm Overall width mm
E 12/3 SA 3 3640 1600
E 12/4 SA 4 4810 1600
E 12/5 SA 5 6010 1600
Deck height mm Bascule d/bar   length mm Load capacity kg
450 850 3000