BMV FL800 Mechanical Pruner and Orchard Trimmer

The dual-purpose FL800 mechanical pruner and orchard trimmer from BMV can be used to save on the costs of hand pruning, control tree growth and promote heavier cropping in new fruit wall systems.

Designed with economical orchard management in mind, the BMV FL800 mechanical pruner can be equipped with saw blades in the winter, and then with knives in the summer for orchard trimming and cutting green wood.

Growers can choose from the FL800P or FL800PC models which feature different numbers of blades arranged in different configurations. The FL800P features a top cutting bar, while the FL800PC benefits from an additional bottom bar.

On both models, the top cutting bar can work both vertically and horizontally. As well as topping trees in the orchard, depending on the number of blades chosen, growers can also use the machine for cutting hedges and windbreaks around the orchard up to 4.5 metres tall.

On the FL800PC model, operators can adjust the proximity of these two top disks. The bottom saw blade or knife can also work either vertically or at any angle up to 90 degrees on the FL800PC.

FL800 Mechanical Pruner and Orchard Trimmer specifications:

  • 90HP tractor required
  • 60l/min oil flow rate
  • Saw blade cutting diameter up to 7cm
  • Knife cutting diameter up to 3cm
  • Working forward speeds of 8km/h
  • 400mm cutting blade / knife diameter
  • 4 hydraulic movements (horizontal movement, vertical movement, cutting bar tilt, head tilt) + on/off motor
  • Independent 40l or 80l hydraulic unit
  • Electronic sensor attachment for top bar (optional)
  • Control box or joystick for electro-hydraulic distributor
ModelNo. blades on top barNo. blades on side barNo. blades on bottom barTop bar (mm)Side bar (mm)Bottom bar (mm)Weight (kg)