ERO VITIpulse Defoliator

The VITIpulse defoliator is one of the latest developments from ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery. 

Following the success of its market leading ‘suck and pluck’ defoliator, ERO developed its ‘airblast’ defoliator system to provide customers with a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows operators to utilise a combination of airblast technology and the roller defoliation method to achieve optimum canopy management results.

The VITIpulse can only be used at early stages, from flowering until pea-berry formation and then again right before harvest, to remove debris and ‘clean’ the canopy and remove inner leaf material from bunch zone. As berries develop and become susceptible to damage from high speed particles and debris propelled by the airblast system, operators will want to switch back to the roller system, which uses a suction fan and counter rotating rollers, to provide gentle but effective leaf removal while minimising fruit damage.

The VITIpulse offers a range of mounting configurations, with both 2- and 4-head systems. The German design and quality manufacturing brings users multiple hydraulic adjustments, to ensure ease of operation and optimal positioning, and easily adjusted rotor speed and air pressure, which allow simple customisation to achieve desired results in different canopies. The heads are stainless steel, for easy maintenance and low wear and there is also a unique valve-nozzle system which generates pulsed air bursts for optimal results. 

The VITIpulse defoliator removes the leaves using pulsating compressed air. This allows for good ventilation in the fruiting zone which reduces the risk of botrytis and other fungal diseases, improves spray targeting and efficacy, and also increases the exposure to sunlight.