Perfect BG2 Pulveriser

The Perfect BG2 Pulveriser can be used in orchards and vineyards to mulch or chop grass, weeds, prunings, and much more, with a quick and efficient operation. This means no further work to collect or remove cut material.

The Perfect van Wamel pulveriser is low, compact, heavily constructed and suits any tractor. The full-length rear roller with skids at either end provides easy handling and excellent terrain adjustment.

Flexible indirect drive-through oil bath gearbox with spiral-toothed gears and V-belts with sprung loaded automatic belt tensioner.

Vibration-free flail rotor suspended in self-adjusting heavy-duty bearings.

Flail rotor speed 2100RPM at 540PTO.

Heavy duty flails (5lbs = 2.2kg) manufactured from resistant work-hardened spring steel.

Cutting height adjustable from 3/4″ to 4 3/4″ or 2 to 12cm.

Excellent pulverisation – cuts wood up to 4″ = 10cm diameter.

The parallelogram allows for quick and easy adjustment of the offset.

An optional ram is available for hydraulic offset.

The Perfect BG2 Pulveriser can be front- or rear-mounted.

Minimum maintenance is required.

All pulverisers supplied by NP Seymour are ‘Twin Skin’. As pulveriser users know, the hood of a pulveriser takes a real beating. Bramley prunings are particularly punishing, and these machines have twice the thickness of hood to give a longer life. We also have available, PTO protection plates to fit in front of machines to stop large prunings damaging the PTO guard.

An optional sweep can be added.

Also available is the BK2 series of pulverisers which are fitted with adjustable rake tines, for better pick up of thin or flat prunings. Specifications are exactly the same as the Perfect BG2 Pulveriser series except for weight and a minimum of 9 rakes.