Perfect Flail Toppers Series KT

This heavier duty flail topper is designed to deal with greater quantities that may be mulched in fallow land, set-aside land, for chopping cornstalks etc.

In comparison with the standard KC model the heavy duty KT version has the following features:

    • More spacious and heavier body
    • Heavier duty gearbox and an additional V-belt
    • Larger diameter flail rotor
    • Larger diameter rear roller

* Power requirements depend entirely on the type of work.
A PTO shaft with overload clutch must be used with over sized tractors.

About Perfect Flail Toppers

Perfect’ flail toppers are compact and of heavy construction. Their full width rear roller and the skids at either side provide easy handling and excellent working height adjustment, preventing unwanted ground contact and unnecessary wear of flails.
The indirect drive is through an oil bath gearbox and V belts with an automatic maintenance friendly belt tensioner.

For certain applications it recommended thatrear wheels are used instead of the rear roller. All ‘Perfect’ flail toppers can be equipped with two rear 6.00 X 9 wheels with pneumatic tyres, the wheel track is adjustable in width.

The machine can be delivered with a parallelogram headstock, which allows for a quick and easy adjustment into the offset position required. With an optional extra ram for hydraulic offset adjustment, it can be controlled from the tractor seat.

‘Perfect’ flail toppers can also be used front mounted. The reversible headstock allows these models to be used either front or rear mounted. The cantilever design of the headstock enables the front mounted flail toppers to be pulled rather than pushed. This protects the machine and provides a full floatation effect. A reversible gearbox accepts either clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.

The strong, electronically balanced flail rotor is suspended in two self-aligning heavy duty bearings. High quality forged steel flails (0.7kg/1.5lbs) are mounted on replaceable steel bushes. They overlap generously, and their flat single cutting edges ensure a clean and neat cut.

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