Darwin Blossom Thinner

Excellent fruit size and quality are achieved by using the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner.
Thinning is mandatory in order to reach high fruit quality and high yields. This is very important with new apple cultivars with high flowering intensity and high fruit-charge. The regulation of the fruit is one of the most important crop factors that contribute towards ensuring fruit quality.

The machine is attached to the front linkage system of the tractor or by a frame if the tractor does not have front linkage.The hydraulic adjustment of the spindle angle allows for thinning to the correct shape of the tree, along with variable speed to suit different varieties and the amount of thinning required. The tractor and the machine drive closely along the tree rows and whip the buds, flower clusters or individual blooms depending upon the point of contact.

This machine has been trialled and now been proven in the UK for seven years after being used annually on suitably planted orchards and has been shown to produce fantastic results with improvements in colour uniformity, size and yield.

After many years of working with this machine we have proved that you don’t have to touch the whole tree for it to benefit, and do you need a more technical machine? Much of the effect of thinning is caused by the shock to the tree and consequent ethylene production which causes the tree to regulate its crop.

The Darwin blossom thinner should be used on an annual basis as part of the long-term management plan for the orchard as it reduces biennial cropping, fruit uniformity size, colour and maturity of varieties.

As well as selling these machines we are also able to offer a hire service with tractor and operator on a daily basis.

So for cost cutting and labour saving in concept orchards why not pluck up the courage and give this machine a try!

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