Edward mechanical pruner

Designed and manufactured by Fruit-tec, the Edward mechanical pruning saw has been specifically designed for use in orchards, and conveniently fits onto the same frame as the REDpulse Duo orchard defoliator and the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner.

In addition to its unobstructed forward view, the mechanical pruner also benefits from an automatic pivoting feature which prevents the horizontal cutting bar from hitting posts, or hail protection nets. The double blade system and carefully designed blades also ensure the high cutting quality needed to prevent diseases and parasites, such as aphids.

Growers can choose from a rugged double blade cutting with specially designed blades for pruning trees, or a rotating system, which can either be used with circular saws or with flying cutters.

The EdDa thinning unit works in the same way as the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner allowing growers to achieve an excellent thinning effect and an optimal increase in fruit size and fruit quality.

Fruit Tec’s Edward, Darwin and RedPulseDuo provide the ideal equipment combination for orchard managers looking to reduction of labour costs, while increasing yield, fruit quality, uniform ripening and improved colouration.