ERO Elite Vine Trimmers

Clean cutting at high speeds, easy to operate and designed for long life and reliability, the new ERO Elite vine trimmer ticks all the boxes.

Designed for long life and reliability by ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery, the Elite vine trimmer’s uniquely shaped cutter blades are manufactured from high grade stainless steel with a special shape and deformed edge to ensure a surgical cut and suction of debris from the vines as well as reducing wire damage. The aluminium cutterboard is fully sealed against dirt and debris and the new multi-rib belt system requires no tensioning.

Clean cutting is delivered at a rapid forward speed and the Elite trimmer is also easy to set up and can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. The ‘comfort’ joystick allows smooth, light-touch action and has a split control box to aid positioning in the cab. Only a single-acting control valve and a pressure-free return on the tractor are required.

As standard, they are supplied with a double-acting lift frame on which other ERO products can also be mounted. These trimmers can be configured for all vineyards, whether small scale or large, with seven different cutting lengths, from 100 cm to 195 cm, available and options for single in row, double in row, single over row, double over row and tg skirting. Its comprehensive adjustments also make it suitable for use with all training methods.