Braun Undervine Hoe

Braun is a German family company, situated in the heart of a wine-growing region and have been designing and manufacturing machines since 1958.

Working in addition to the Braun Rollhacke, this set-up really is the most cost-effective method of weeding around the trunk and is particularly popular with those who are using fewer chemicals.

While the Rollhacke lifts weeds and loosens the soil, breaking down clods and conditioning the ground, the LUV hoe is set up with a 300mm concave coulter disc for getting closer to the trunk of the vine, cutting and clearing along the electro-magnetic override control.

This in-row cultivator is fitted with a feeler bar to avoid vines and posts. It is available in lengths 350mm and 500mm and can be front, mid or rear-mounted.

Amazing eco-friendly tool for removing weeds in vineyards.