Ladurner Cultivator

The Ladurner cultivator is a robust inter-row hoeing machine for complete herbicide-free weed control in conventional and organic orchards and vineyards. It has two rotors with blades with an adjustable working depth of up to 10cm. Sensor bars ensure that the machine is set to the right width and works around the tree or vine stems.

The cultivator tears the grass and weeds apart including roots and spreads them evenly, so there is no ground displacement. There are protective guards to ensure the soil is not spread into the central alley. Due to hydraulic angle adjustment it can be used on terraced vineyards and side slopes. Stony soil is not a problem and a working speed of up to 4 KPH is possible.

The Ladurner cultivator can also be fitted with a strimmer head for mechanical weeding without disturbing the soil.


  • Single or double sided
  • Front or rear mounting
  • PTO driven + 12V supply
  • Electric – hydraulic control
  • Working depth: 0 – 10 cm
  • Distance between trees: 1.8 – 4 metres
  • Working width: 40cm

“The Ladurner has transformed our organic farm, there is no other machine that would keep our orchard as clean and tidy as this without using herbicides” – Richard Castle, DJ Moor Organics Ltd.

The machines are available single or double sided, front or rear mounted for plant width from 1.7m up to 4.2m.

The Ladurner cultivator can also be fitted with mowing attachments, please see a movie below.