Tecnoagri Tractor Mounted Forklifts

Tractor mounted forklifts will always be a great asset on farms and especially at picking time around the orchard or vineyard for moving bins.

Manufactured in northern Italy the Tecnoagri Super Hydraulic Forklifts are heavy duty machines and offer the utmost reliability, with folding forks, tilt and side shift, 1500kg lift capacity and either 1.8-metre or 2.20-metre lift height for tractors of different dimensions.

Designed to satisfy every handling requirement, the Tecnoagri forklifts have pipes and chains placed sideways so as to enhance visibility and the Super Hydraulic Forklifts are built with U-shaped steel profiles, slides on a special roller bearing, featuring two chains and a double-acting lifting cylinder.

We are able to manufacture a special framework to fit pallet carriers or forklifts to the front of your tractor if it does not have a front linkage.