Perfect Terra Ranger

The Perfect Van Wamel Terra Ranger is the first mechanical weeder to offer effective weed control in the orchard at high driving speeds.

The Terra Ranger is just as effective at removing unwanted vegetation on both sides of the alley and under the tree as other mechanical weeders but can be operated at much faster speeds (around 6-8km/h instead of 2-3km/h). It also requires significantly less skill and concentration from the operator, as it can just be driven in a straight line without the risk of hitting any trunks.

Before developing the Terra Ranger, Perfect had benefited from seeing what was working well in the mechanical weeding sector and what growers found to be most useful.

For that reason, the Terra Ranger incorporates intelligently positioned finger weeders, already proven mechanical weeding concepts that are popular with growers, with two mechanical-driven counter-cutting tillers, which remove vegetation on both sides of the grass strip and in the row.

The tiller units, which can be operated at depths of up to 70mm, lightly lift and move the soil, ensuring excellent crumbling, even in heavier soils. For the first operation, work is generally carried out at a depth of a few centimetres. For the following operations, a superficial treatment is sufficient.

Both Terra Ranger tillers are powered by the tractor’s PTO and can be used with almost any tractor 50hp or more. Thanks to this fully mechanical drive, the machine has excellent energy efficiency and favourable fuel consumption. To prevent damage from stones or other blockages, the drive is equipped with an overload protection clutch.

The finger weeders have flexible fingers that work closer into the tree row while gripping into the top layer of soil to remove weeds. Due to the unique placement of the finger weeders in front of the tiller units, the loosened material that comes off the finger weeders is also reduced by the tillers.

The machine can be front or rear mounted, and operators can hydraulically adjust the working width from 2.5m to 3.8m. For those with uneven orchards, the angle of the tilling system can be adjusted up to 10º and the frame and implements also move independently to the 3-point hitch for excellent ground contour adaptation. Operators can also adjust the finger weeders, the wheel placement, and the distance between the machine and the tractor.

Perfect Terra Ranger specifications:

Technical specificationsTerra Ranger
Working width cm (inch)230 – 345 (8’1″ – 11’4″)
Required horse power kw/HP37 / 50
PTO rpm540 / 1000
Working width tiller cm (inch)30 (12)
Working depth tiller cm (inch)0 – 70 (2’3″)
Diameter finger weeder cm (inch)70 (2’3″)
Transport width cm (inch)230 (7’7″)
Weight kg (lbs)820 (1800)