Braun Rollhacke finger weeder

The Braun Rollhacke finger weeder has been identified as the best option for conventional fruit and vine growers who are looking to reduce their use of chemicals and adopt some mechanical weeding practices.

The Braun Rollhacke effectively loosens the soil, breaking down clods and successfully disturbs and lifts the weeds in the ground. By moving through the earth, making it more friable, light and fluffy, the Rollhacke creates an inhospitable environment for any future weeds looking to establish themselves.

The weapon of choice for vineyard managers across the entire UK the Rollhacke, which is made with 8mm thick steel, has proven to be well adapted to multiple different soil types. It is also designed to be quick and practical to use, and the Rollhacke will work well at speeds from 4.5km/h up to 9km/h.

The principle is similar to that of a disc plough, but the tines of the double star-shaped finger weeder are curved so that they roll in and tear small furrows in the earth’s surface. This creates a notched edge, rather than a cut edge left by a straight disc plough, helping to reduce run-off.

The clever design of the Braun Rollhacke allows the angle of work to be adjusted without tools. Operators can change the tool set up to so that it is more or less aggressive and, depending on the inclination, an area of between 120 -180mm in strip width can be weeded and worked.

The modular design of the Braun equipment allows growers to add tools of their choice to the simple carrier frame which can be front, mid or rear-mounted. For those worried that mechanical weed control will increase compaction or fuel consumption, it is most common for the Rollhacke to be mid-mounted on the tractor which means it can be used at the same times as other orchard and vineyard operations, such as bud rubbing, mowing and pulverising, and spraying for best fuel efficiency and also time management.

Braun Rollhacke Specifications:

  • Operators adjust angle, depth and pitch without tools.
  • Working speed of around 4.5km/h to 9km/h.
  • Working a width of 120-180 mm.
  • 400 mm diameter and 8 mm thick steel