Braun Rollhacke

The Braun Rollhacke loosens the soil, breaking down clods and successfully disturbs and lifts the weeds in the ground. It is gentle enough not to throw the soil into the row therefore keeping the alleys tidy.

It is designed for quick and practical environmentally friendly work. The principle is similar to that of a disc plough, in place of the hollow wheel a double star element is mounted. The tines of these stars are curved so that they roll in and tear small furrows in the earth’s surface.

With a working speed of around 4.5km/h and up to around 9km/h great results can be achieved.

Due to the fact the weeder has fingers that create a notched edge rather than a straight disc leaving a cut edge, it reduces run-off which is an asset in steep vineyards.

The clever design of the Braun Rollhacke allows the angle of work to be adjusted without tools. Depending on the setting of the angle, the engagement of the fingers in the ground can be made more or less aggressive. Depending on the inclination an area of between 120 -180mm in strip width can be weeded and worked.

The offset position of the star elements gives permanent rotation during engagement with the ground. The star element’s material thickness of 8mm ensures a robust and rigid tool suitable for a variety of UK soils.

The Braun hoe and weeding range can be front, mid or rear mounted and either single or double sided. Normally this Rollhacke is mid-mounted on the tractor and can be used at the same time as other vineyard tasks such as spraying or mowing for best efficiency and time management.