Mechanical weeder performs even in tough conditions

Following a tour of NIAB EMR’s research vineyard, visitors to the Fruit Focus show were able to see a working demonstration of the Clemens SB Compact with Radius SL +, which was hosted by Paul Tuteirihia from Clemens.

While the extra dry soil was not ideal for mechanical weeding (we advise growers to use mechanical weeders a few days after rainfall for the best results), it did provide an opportunity to test the machine in tougher conditions than normal and was a good opportunity for growers to see what the Clemens cultivator is capable of, even when it was being pushed to its limits. 

Designed to deal well with hardy weeds, the Clemens is the most effective, robust and comprehensive mechanical weed control tool available to growers in the UK. 

The Clemens system has been designed to suit growers who want to do everything in just one pass, and it is often noticed that the Clemens will do a more thorough job, with the effects lasting noticeably longer.

The SB Compact frame is either front- or rear-mounted and covers three different working width ranges between 1480 mm and 2520 mm. Growers can also opt for a mid-mounting frame which allows for multiple operations to be completed in one pass, saving time and money.

The Clemens Radius SL + weeder cultivator blades effectively undercut the topsoil and cut the root structure of the weeds, while the rotary tiller incorporates the topsoil, acting like a small power harrow. 

For more information on the range of mechanical weeders from Clemens, please phone the office on 01580 712200 or email