AgroFrost FrostBuster

The AgroFrost FrostBuster has been used for many years, has won many awards and has revolutionised top and soft fruit and vine frost protection.

One of the most effective and cheapest ways of combatting frost is with a FrostBuster. This trailed or 3-point mounted machine allows growers to protect crops with only a fraction of the energy input that is needed by other systems.

Don’t look for a cheaper frost protection solution per hectare, because you will find none. Instead of warming up the atmosphere, the FrostBuster uses phase transition to protect your orchards and vineyards. By controlling the ice forming and recuperating the energy that is liberated when vapour changes into ice, the FrostBuster provides excellent protection with a minimum input of energy.

The AgroFrost FrostBuster can also protect crops in places where no water is available, it can be used not only during radiation frost but also during wind frost, and a lot of growers also use the FrostBuster to improve fruit set.

The powerful fan is driven by the PTO of the tractor. A gas burner heats the air up to 80-85 °C. The heated air is blown between the trees through 2 outlets on the left and right. The total surface that can be protected depends on the shape and the dimensions of the plot and on the model but is usually up to 8 hectares.

The AgroFrost FrostBuster can be used almost everywhere and for several applications including, night frost protection in orchards for all kinds of fruit, in vineyards, in greenhouses and plastic tunnels, for strawberries, raspberries, flowers, vegetables, apples, pears, peaches, plums etc.

It can also be used to improve the fruit set in low temperatures during blossom. And to raise the temperature in plastic tunnels, to bring forward the first harvest date at the beginning of the season, or to pick later at the end of the season.


During the last 15 years, the trailed frost buster has proven to be very effective and very reliable. The F501, which is the latest trailed model, features:

  • A new pulse burner with a burner controller and ionization sensor, making it the safest burner used in agriculture.
  • Space to hold 8 or 10 gas bottles, so it has a bigger autonomy of up to 10 hours.
  • Now also available with 340 kg drum, which cheaper per kg of gas, and is easier and faster to replace than bottles.
  • The burner starts automatically, depending on the RPM of the fan: if a certain speed level is exceeded, the burner will start automatically. When the speed drops back below this level, the burner will be switched off.
  • Gear box with overrunning clutch.
  • Ability to adjust the temperature from the control box in the tractor’s cab (optional).


These 3-point mounted machines have a 2-speed gearbox. On the lower speed, less horsepower is needed. The F252 has two lower exits with the ability to protect around 6ha, which is slightly less than the F501.

To keep the weight as close to the tractor as possible, the fan is mounted vertically, and two gas bottles are put in front of the fan.

Technical Data F501 F252
Trailed / 3-point Trailed 3-Point
Outlets 2 low outlets 2 low outlets
Maximum capacity 8 to 10 ha 6 to 8 ha
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4400x1500x1500 mm 1710x1720x1200 mm
Weight without gas cylinders 1480 kg 350 kg
Capacity of fan 23.500 m3/hour 22.500 m3/hour
Max. range of fan 100 m 80 m
Max. rpm of PTO 540 540
Average gas consumption ca. 30 kg/h ca. 30 kg/h
Max. temperature 85 °c 85 °c
Max. temperature at 1m 20 °C 20 °C
Gas cylinders 8 or 10 6
Tested with temperatures -5 to -6 °C in full flowering -5 to -6 °C in full flowering
Min. required HP of tractor 65 hp 65 hp