Munckhof VariMAS Vino 3 row vineyard sprayer

The over-the-row Munckhof VariMAS Vino can be used in berry plantations and vineyards. It can spray three rows at a time, allowing growers to treat an entire area very rapidly, helping to mitigate against emerging disease pressure or limited windows of ideal weather conditions.

Spraying three rows simultaneously with this machine can save growers up to 66% on labour, fuel and tractor running hours. 

The Munckhof Air System Orchard Sprayer (VariMAS) has been developed in close collaboration with fruit growers to meet the growing demand for more spray capacity, an even higher drift reduction and even more accurate leaf coverage.

The Munckhof Air System Orchard Sprayers excel through optimal leaf coverage. This is ensured by the accurate adjustment of the driving speed, pressure on the nozzles (7 bar) and the rotation speed of the pump. 

The high-quality distribution of air and liquid ensures direct air flow and optimum atomisation. This creates a minimal loss, and the VariMAS has a proven drift reduction of 99%, tested and demonstrated by Wageningen University (WUR).

The Munckhof VariMAS Vino airbags can be adjusted to suit row widths between 1.50 to 3.50 metres and crop heights up to 2.50 metres. Compact construction, low weight and centre of gravity mean this sprayer is extremely stable, even during transport.

The Munckhof VariMAS Vino is equipped with a mechanical agitator for a constant, optimal distribution of water and active substance. A mixing pump prevents clogging of the cap and silting up or contamination of the filters during filling. The air pockets are flexible, lightweight and do not oxidize. They therefore have a long service life. 

Munckhof VariMAS Vino specification: 

  • Available with either a 1000l, 1500l Polyethylene tank, or 2000l Polyester tank
  • 120l purging tank
  • 15-litre hand washing tank 
  • Mechanical mixer
  • Fully galvanised chassis 
  • Pump 4 cylinder membrane, capacity 100 l/min 40 bar
  • On the spray boom are 3 airbags. Each airbag has a hydraulically driven ventilator.
  • Each ventilator can be switched on/off separately. 
  • To run the ventilators, the sprayer has its own hydraulic system.
  • The outside airbags can be adjusted manually from 2.50 to 3.50 metres.
  • 2 hydraulic functions are operated by electric-hydraulic valves on the sprayer: in, out, left and right.
  • 6 electric valves and electric pressure setting
  • Muller ISOBUS sprayer controller with Touch800 terminal and joystick.
  • Trimatic non-drop nozzle holders.
  • Lighting set
  • Packing cleaner and chemical mixer in filling sieve
  • Tank cleaner
  • Tandem axle with 4 tyres 29 – 12.50 x 15 TR319, track is manually adjustable
  • Double wide angle PTO-shaft
  • Track following drawbar (optional)
  • Hydraulically adjustable rear axle (optional)
  • Hydraulic levelling system (only with TR06 tyres) (optional)
  • Air brake system (only with TR06 tyres) (optional)
  • Hydraulic brake system (only with TR06 tyres) (optional)
  • Venturi filter
  • 26 x 12.00 – 12 tyres (optional)
ModelCapacity (l)PumpDelivery (l/min)Dimensions (l x w x h cm)Nr. nozzle
10410 – 3R1000CP104100475 x 230 x 31516
10415 – 3R1500CP104100475 x 230 x 31516
10420 – 3R2000CP104100500 x 230 x 31516