Perfect T and RN Rotary Mowers

Series ‘T’

The Perfect ‘T’ series has been specifically designed for a neat upkeep of grass in modern orchards and vineyards. In order to prevent damage to low hanging branches and fruit, the ‘T’ series has an extra low and streamlined construction, along with with smooth rounded sides.
The mower works closely behind the tractor, making handling easy even if room is limited. Either one or two front support wheels and rear rollers give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment. All generously overlapping cutting blades are driven indirectly by V belts, mostly with automatic spring-loaded belt tensioners. This flexible drive system protects the gearbox from shock loads.
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Series ‘RN’ – Twin gearbox models

The two main blades of our ‘RN’ mowers are driven by separate gearboxes with different rotations. The right hand blade turns clockwise and the left hand blade turns anti-clockwise. The short centre blade is positioned in front of the two others to provide a generous overlap, giving a cut without leaving any strip of uncut grass. The main blades evacuate the cut material directly and freely, so that it cannot interfere with the functioning of the neighbouring blades. This improves the cutting quality, even in high grass. It is possible to throw out the cut material behind the machine over its full working width, or if required, to the left and the right hand side of the machine on to the tree strips. Our ‘RN’ mowers are available as centre models or, if desired, with a parallelogram offset device.
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