Regenerative agriculture is on a roll!

As we move in search of ever more sustainable orchard and vineyard management practices, it seems that an increasing number are taking up practices that fall into a new category called regen ag.

Initially ‘discovered’ in the 1980s, it seems regenerative agriculture has been recently rediscovered. Similar in many respects to organic and biodynamic practices, regenerative growing takes a wider view of the ecosystem in the orchard or vineyard and seeks to make it species-rich and self-sustaining.

It is about looking at soil health and ways to improve microbial life, which in turn increases organic matter and can help lock in carbon.

The key focus in regenerative growing is cover-cropping, which can be used to fix an array of issues such as nitrogen deficiencies without the use of chemicals. They are also used to improve soil structures, join up wildlife corridors, and create safe zones for insects.

It’s common to roll these cover crops once the growing season is underway so they can act as mulches, preserving soil water and also releasing nutrients as they break down.

The “ECO-Roll” BIO mulch roller is therefore a must-have piece of kit for anyone looking to implement regenerative and sustainable vineyard and orchard management.

Perfect for wildflower and cover crop crimping, the Clemens “ECO-Roll” compresses the vegetation as the spades fitted to the roller bend and knock down the stalks, thereby producing a carpet of mulch that suppresses weeds and encourages good shaded composting.

Designed to ensure a good crimp and less bounce-back of material, it conserves the moisture in the soil and the plants then grow through and produce the next carpet of organic material.

With legumes, this method stimulates the growth of the rhizobia and increases nitrogen fixing.

It is available in a front or rear mounted option, although should ideally be front mounted so you can push the plant material over before driving over it.

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