Richard and David Budd, Stevens Farm, Hawkhurst

“Our tractors are just over two years old now, they have done about 6,000 hours between them, and apart from routine servicing, the Budds haven’t had a spanner on any of them
That for us is key, because particularly if you want to be out spraying, you don’t have time for breakdowns, and with the prices and running costs of machinery nowadays it’s not affordable to keep a spare tractor at the back of the shed. We need machinery to be reliable and well backed up and the Fendts have been all of that,” said Richard.
As well as noting the tractors’ ability to hold good resale values, and cheaper running costs when not having to fork out for endless repairs, Richard also highlighted the system’s Vario transmission as one of the reasons they are so popular with operators
If we did have any problems, I know we can phone the office and someone will be out asap,” said Richard. “NP Seymour is a well-run family business and there’s a reason they’ve been there for such a long time. The level of service is very good and while we haven’t had any issues at all with the tractors, if we did I know they would be straight out or able to fix smaller issues over the telephone.