The multi row orchard sprayer proven to reduce drift by 95%

Last year at the National Fruit Show, we showcased a multi row orchard sprayer for the first time at the show. Manufactured by KWH Holland, the 1,700-litre unit is designed for larger fruit operations who are looking for a quicker way to apply chemical, and want a sprayer that is able to cover a larger area per pass.

Having been put through various performance tests, the multi row orchard sprayer from KWH proved to save operators 75% more time than when they were using a single row sprayer. 

Being able to cover as many acres in a third of the time is certainly beneficial, not just from a labour cost point of view, but also when you’re trying to work in tight spraying windows or against fast-spreading disease pressures. 

KWH’s mistral crossflow sprayers also feature a VLOS directional air flow system which means that whatever the wind direction you can spray with equal deposition and efficacy. 

Proven to reduce drift by over 95%, the KWH multi row orchard sprayer has one of the highest deposit coverage rates in the agriculture industry and will also help to reduce chemical costs too.

If you’re looking to maximise efficiency in suitably planted orchards then spraying multiple rows in one pass is a must and this sprayer has proven its worth to many growers. 

If you want to discuss the full specifications of the KWH, or want to know which sprayer would be most suitable for your orchard or vineyard, please do phone the office on 01580 712200.