Seymour’s Spotlight: Fruit-Tec REDpulse Duo Orchard Defoliator

Last year at the National Fruit Show, we showcased a pioneering orchard defoliator from German manufacturer Fruit-tec. Working in partnership with ERO, Germany’s leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery that produces the Elite and VITIpulse vineyard defoliators, Fruit-tec released its REDpulse Duo for top fruit growers.  The pneumatic REDpulse Duo orchard defoliator emits a high-frequencyContinue reading

Seymour’s spotlight: BMV E600A Vineyard Trimmer 

Located just outside the town of Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, Wales is White Castle Vineyard. The 5-acre vineyard was planted in May 2009 and 2010, with Pinot noir précoce, Regent, Rondo, Phoenix, Seyval blanc and Siegerrebe, with 1,000 Cabernet Franc vines added to the mix last year. To date owners, Robb and Nicola Merchant have beenContinue reading

Is your orchard sprayer really suited to your site?

The wet start to the 2020 growing season has left many farmers and growers battling challenging ground conditions. This year, the relentless rain meant that Charltons particularly struggled with one of its steepest sloping sites, finding it impossible to drive their trailed orchard sprayer on the persistently wet ground. Based at Rumwood Green Farm in Langley, Kent, Charltons is a fourth-generationContinue reading

Made to measure table top strawberry sprayer

Like many growers striving to be more accurate with spray coverage, when Carl Eatwell started looking for a suitable table top strawberry sprayer system which would effectively target the underside of the leaf, he approached specialist fruit machinery dealership, NP Seymour. Having worked at Hall Hunter for 27 years, Carl Eatwell has seen the familyContinue reading

Opening up the canopy with mechanical deleafers

We’re currently seeing an increased demand for mechanical deleafers as vineyard managers look for more cost effective ways to open up the canopy, increasing sunlight exposure and air circulation.  Unlike other mechanical deleafers which use what’s known as an air blast system, the ERO leaf stripper, which Sam Barnes uses for his vineyard management contract work,Continue reading