Fendt to launch revolutionary electric vineyard tractor

The new Fendt e100 V Vario – think ePossible.

For years, we have been talking to growers who want to reduce fuel costs and emissions and work more sustainably about the ongoing development of Fendt’s electric vineyard tractor. 

Well, the time has finally come. 

Fendt is excited to unveil its e100 V Vario at this year’s AGRITECHNICA show, which takes place from 12 to 18 November in Hanover, Germany. 

In the lead-up to the launch, we thought we’d share some highlights and what you can expect from this first-ever battery-electric, narrow-track tractor designed for specialised applications. 

With its electric drive, this is the first series-production tractor to operate entirely emission-free, marking a significant step in reducing CO2 emissions. There is also the option to use renewable energy for recharging, making it even more sustainable. 

Despite being environmentally conscious, the e100 V Vario electric vineyard tractor doesn’t compromise on performance. This powerful compact tractor boasts innovative technology. There’s an eco-driving mode for light jobs and a DynamicPlus Mode for power-intensive work, ensuring that the tractor is operating at optimum performance at all times and you always have the right power at hand.

A start-stop function is designed to save energy and extend maintenance intervals by reducing the number of operating hours. The powerful hydraulics also offer precise control and fast workflows, even under challenging conditions. It delivers 75HP continuous power and 347Nm torque with a 100kWh battery capacity lasting approximately 5 hours. 

Prioritising operator comfort, the tractor includes features such as a new heating concept consisting of a heated seat, automatic climate control, and the intuitive FendtONE operating system. The Fendt e100 V Vario is also low-vibration and quiet, which makes it a comfortable, pleasant and relaxed working environment.

Health and Safety
Featuring low noise levels and zero exhaust emissions, it is an ideal fit for vineyards open to the public and those looking to better protect themselves and their employees from noise and fumes. The electric drive also eliminates burn hazards, and the absence of an exhaust pipe offers enhanced visibility, minimising accident risks.

Combining low maintenance and energy costs, the e100 V Vario electric vineyard tractor is a long-term saving, an investment in future-ready farming and a guarantee for economic efficiency.

In terms of applications, the e100 V Vario is particularly well-suited for viticulture and orchard operations. Its compact dimensions allow it to easily fit down narrow rows and manoeuvrability for tight headland turns. 

Having worked with Fendt’s range of specialist 200 V/F/P tractors for almost 40 years, we are thrilled to start talking to UK vineyard owners and managers about supplying them with a fully electric e100 V Vario

It’s a giant leap towards a sustainable future and meets the rising demand for efficient, eco-friendly machinery.

For more information, please phone the office on 01580 712200.