Supplying industry leaders with Fendt 200 V/F/P

For decades growers have come to us for their new and used Fendt 200 V/F/P tractors, plus parts, service, repairs and general after-sales care, knowing that we have unparalleled experience with this specialist make and model.

Next year we’ll be proudly celebrating our 50th anniversary and with it, 40 years since we started supplying UK fruit and vine growers with the specialist range of Fendt 200 V/F/P tractors.

Dad, Nick, was originally introduced to the Fendt range by Bob Chapman at a blackcurrant conference in Herefordshire in 1984.

Although he had no interest in becoming a tractor dealership at the time, he was quickly won over by Fendt’s superior quality and was impressed with the impeccable design of the 200 V/F/Ps, which were created especially for specialist crops, rather than being a shrunk-down version of the manufacturer’s larger models.

Since then we have proudly supplied growers nationwide with Fendt’s fruit and vine tractors and provided ongoing after-sales care, parts, servicing and repairs.

Our engineering and parts teams have unparalleled experience with the 200 Vario V/F/P range and being able to help vineyard owners and managers tailor their tractors and choose the right specifications for their individual needs is something we pride ourselves on.

The latest version, the Fendt 200 Vario V/F/P Gen3, delivers our customers unmatched operator comfort and greater compatibility with specialist tractor-mounted machinery for vineyards.

Divided into the Power, Profi, and Profi+ tiers, this series offers five horsepower models, in three widths including a narrow 1.07m ‘V’, all equipped with the AGCOPower 3-cylinder, 3.3-litre turbocharged engine, and a 68-litre fuel tank with AdBlue for reduced emissions.

All models feature an ergonomically designed comfort cab with a large screen, one-piece door glass for excellent all-around visibility, and a totally flat floor giving more leg room and space to shuffle around in.

Growers can choose to upgrade to a climate-controlled cab with Cat4 filtration for safe spraying in accordance with EU standard EN15695.

A central 10″ main digital dashboard display screen comes as standard, and growers can also opt for the more advanced 12″ overhead terminal for easier and improved tractor and implement control.

The Tractor Management System ensures the engine and transmission are at maximum efficiency, while the continuously variable Vario transmission ensures the tractor runs smoothly from speeds of 20 metres per hour to 40 km/h.

The 200 Vario Gen3 series are all fitted with a dual hydraulic pump delivering up to 76 l/min. There is also the option to upgrade to a load-sensing hydraulic system with a flow rate of up to 119 l/min, and up to 8 valves, depending on your needs.

Growers can also choose between a classic cross-shift lever, which controls 2 spool valves and the 3rd and 4th electric circuits, or the 3L joystick, which controls 4 valves, has a freely assignable button and allows for easier control of machines such as front-mounted trimmers.

The exhaust system can be configured either downswept or upright with a Fendt implement bracket for those who want to mid-mount machines, such as the Braun Rollhacke. Front linkage and PTO (540E) can also be added for those looking to front-mount machines.

Another option that has become increasingly popular with our customers in recent years is front suspension which gives increased ride comfort, safety and stability, ensuring operators can work at their full potential for the maximum amount of time.

Finally, those looking for the most technologically advanced tractor can opt to include FendtONE, which is Fendt’s futuristic smart farming technology. This includes a lane guidance and headland management system that helps operators to navigate precisely along the rows, always maintaining an ideal distance between the implements and the crop. 

It can also be used for recording position data, documenting plant protection and preventing unwanted doubles as there is a constant overview of the rows already covered.

The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario Gen3 range might be one of the most premium tractors on the market, but for vineyard owners nationwide it’s an investment that consistently offers long-term value.

For more information and to discuss our contract hire and maintenance packages, please phone the sales team on 01580 712200 or email