How to apply fertiliser efficiently in vineyards and orchards.

For those looking to improve plant health, yields and thus profitability, while keeping potential input costs to a minimum, the ability to apply fertiliser in only where it is really needed is pretty useful.  

If you’ve invested in detailed soil analysis and your agronomist has been in to map your site, it’s now time to look at the equipment which can make the most of this information. 

The first thing you will need is a robust and efficient variable rate spreader which can apply different rates of fertiliser on the move and without requiring any physical adjustment of the machine.

We’ve been supplying fruit and vine growers with KRM L15 spreaders for many years now, as it is the only specialist, narrow spreader which provides a true variable spreading rate, by using the tractor’s wheel speed sensor. This also means that it can be used with tractors of any age and growers don’t have to worry about the tractor’s GPS or Isobus capabilities. 

Not having your spreader’s output linked to the revs or PTO speed, makes for much more even distribution, even on the steepest sloping sites. And as everything on the KRM is electronic there is less hydraulic or manual adjustments for the operator to make. Pretty much all arable spreaders come with this variable rate technology nowadays, so why should the fruit market be left behind? 

For growers who have had their sites mapped, one of the great things about the KRM is the ability to connect up the KRM Icon control and Patchwork BlackBox Advance, which includes built-in Global Navigation Satellite System, GPS, terrain compensation, an onboard modem, headland control and headland warning.

With advanced recording capabilities, the BlackBox Advance tablet can save all your maps, jobs, A-B lines and allows operators to store multiple paused jobs too. It is essential for any grower who wants to ensure that they are only applying what is needed, exactly where it is needed.

One of the latest features which the KRM is now known for is how easy it is to clean. Spreaders can rust in a matter of days if they’re not looked after properly, and having listened to customer feedback about how challenging it can be to clean some spreader, KRM made a number of upgrades to its machines making them easier to access and more practical to clean and maintain. 

If you want to chat through the full specifications or want to know more about the KRM spreaders, please do give the office a call on 01580 712200.