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Can orchard defoliators increase the number of apples in the first pick and does allowing more sunlight really improve colouration?

Last August we were excited to deliver the UK’s first REDpulse Duo orchard defoliator to Boxford (Suffolk) Farms. Developed by Fruit-tec, who many of you will know as the makers of the Darwin mechanical blossom thinner, in partnership with ERO, who produce a range of vineyard trimmers and defoliators, the pneumatic REDpulse Duo emits aContinue reading

Precision Fruit Tree Dosing to Optimise Yield and Quality

We were extremely proud and excited to be involved in the first wet trials of the PODS precision sprayer system, which took place on Tuesday 18 May at Plumford Farm in Faversham. As all growers know, there is often significant tree-to-tree variability in orchards, with different tree structures (size, density), crop loads and quality oftenContinue reading

A road trip to see soft fruit growers in Scotland.

Last week, Claire bravely let me leave the office and drive some 11 hours north to see our customers in Scotland. It probably won’t come as a surprise to a bunch of fruit growers, but there’s a really thriving, well established soft fruit industry located around Perthshire and Aberdeenshire. While Scottish growers are susceptible toContinue reading

How to keep your vineyard tidy for tourists.

With a bit of luck, the Government’s roadmap out of lockdown will all stay on schedule and we’ll see tourists returning to vineyards across England in time for English Wine Week. Following on from WineGB’s tourism conference on 2-4 March, I thought that this month it would be good to take a look at someContinue reading

How to apply fertiliser efficiently in vineyards and orchards.

For those looking to improve plant health, yields and thus profitability, while keeping potential input costs to a minimum, the ability to apply fertiliser only where it is really needed is pretty useful.   If you’ve invested in detailed soil analysis and your agronomist has been in to map your site, it’s now time to lookContinue reading

Just delivered: Fruit-tec ‘Edward’ mechanical pruning saw

In January 2021 we delivered a Fruit-tec ‘Edward’ mechanical pruning saw to the team at Boxford (Suffolk) Farms. Keen newsletter readers may recall that Boxford Farms took delivery of the UK’s first Fruit-tec REDpulse Duo defoliator last year, which you can read more about here >>> The Fruit-tec mechanical pruning saw, which has been specificallyContinue reading