Berthoud Win’Air Sprayer

Founded in 1895 with the aim of helping the Beaujolais winegrowers protect their vines, Berthoud has built on an exceptional legacy with over 120 years of experience in plant protection and today the company offers the most comprehensive range of sprayers on the market for treating vines, meeting the requirements of different vineyard set-ups.

The mounted, semi-mounted, and trailed equipment have all been specially designed to combine compactness and innovation, optimising productivity while maintaining a high working comfort and optimum application quality.

Berthoud’s champion of spraying, the trailed Win’air capitalises all of Berthoud’s expertise in spraying applications using the Speedair and Supair fan options, Airmist diffusers and Easyflo calibration.

Available in four capacities of 600, 800 1,000 and 1,500 litres the Win’Air is an easy-to-handle and compact sprayer which combines a number of significant developments, such as a new tank-chassis, new fan unit, new generation of side-by-side sprayers and booms, pneumatic and Air Drive air-assisted spraying, to meet the future needs of the vine growing world.

The Speedair and Supair evolution fan systems include a new streamlined polyethylene cage, high-performance impeller, front intake to prevent spray mixture being sucked back in, simplified disengagement by indexed jaw clutch, and transmission reinforced by polyV belt drive.

The Airmist diffusers and Twinmist cannons, whose double spreader is the distinguishing feature of Berthoud spraying technology are combined with the Easyflo calibration system for precise flow and a reduced risk of clogging.

These latest-generation sprayers are compact, lightweight, ultra-shock resistant and easy to adjust. Two models are available, a pneumatic model (AB Most sprayers) and an air-assisted model (AirDrive sprayers).

Various options of booms are available, manual or hydraulic arch booms covering up to 2 + 2 ½ rows and adjustable to varying crop widths. The fully hydraulic AB Most boom with drop leg boom sections is available with a manual or fully hydraulic telescopic adjustment, from 1.80 to 3metres. Width variable geometry booms and independent fold is a standard feature. The drop legs are available with outlets and Albuz nozzle, which will cover all operating needs. They are lightweight and strong and are fitted with a flexible 360-degree sleeve. The units are designed to give maximum airflow penetration into the foliage using adjustable angled bodies.

The ultra-compact tank and chassis combined with the integrated rinse tank maximise the under clearance and reduce the transport width, from just 990mm. The diamond shape bottom and deep sump combined with the integrated outlet minimise residues left in the tank. Boom and tank rinse systems are fitted as standard, with a tank size 10% of the nominal tank value.

Tube, ribbon or electronic contents gauges, rinsing circuits and reinforced agitation makes operating the Win’Air both simple and convenient to use. Using a numbered function, the Berlogic panel is both an easy and convenient way of operating the sprayers operating valves and provides simplified control of spraying, rinsing, mixing and other functions.

The air intake is positioned in front of the 560mm Speedair or the 630mm Supair fan. This reduces the re-intake of the sprayed mixture, reducing corrosion and build-up of chemical residues in the air ducts. The tangential outlets maximise airflow, giving even distribution throughout the boom.

DPM regulation is standard which maintains a constant vol/ha, DP Elec in-cab control is available as an option. The new EC control option displays in-cab the main spraying parameters, vol/Ha, speed and flow rates.

The Win’air range meets all the regulatory requirements applicable to sprayers in terms of safety and the environment. It offers simple and convenient solutions for easy implementation of good crop spraying practises.