Perfect RF Rotary Mowers – Swing-Wing Models

Our three-point linkage mounted RF mowers combine easy operation with maximum stability and optimum terrain adjustment. Their two front swivel wheels (dia. 200 X 135mm = 8″ X 5.25″) are adjustable in position, and its large rear roller has conical ends to protect the soil.

These low profile offset models work close to the tractor and are fitted with a swing-wing at the right hand side.

The parallelogram type headstock allows for a quick, easy and stepless adjustment of the required offset position of the machine (if desired with a hydraulic ram).

Swing-wing hydraulic feeler 

The swing-wing on the ‘Perfect’ mowers enables mowing in the tree rows, saving labour and chemical costs. For very young trees or operation on hilly terrain, the swing-wing can be provided with a mechanic-hydraulic feeler.