Felco Manual Secateurs

Quality materials and precision manufacturing provide unparalleled strength and comfort from the Felco range of secateurs. Made in Switzerland, these tools are suitable for all types of pruning and both professional and amateur users alike.

All secateurs feature high efficiency cutting heads made of premium quality steel. The heat treatment used during the manufacturing process guarantees the high performance and unrivalled strength of the blades.

Featuring inclined cutting heads to maximise user comfort, Felco also ensures that the ergonomically designed handles spread the muscular effort across all fingers to reduce the cutting effort required and risk of injury.

There is also a shock absorption system where a special cushion reduces the impact at the end of a cut, protecting the hand and wrist.

The forged aluminium handles are both lightweight and strong, thanks to special aluminium alloys and advanced precision forging methods.

Other features include the sap groove on the anvil blade and an adjustment system on the cutting head, to ensure the user can deliver a clean and precise cut every time.

The range includes models for different sized hands. Left-handed models are also available in key sizes.

Essential: An economical, lightweight and comfortable pruning shear that provides excellent cutting performance and a great choice for low usage gardeners. The 160L model is available for large hands.

Basic: These versatile and precise models lend themselves to all types of work. Their straight cutting head allows right and left-handed users alike to use the tools with ease. We stock the Models: 2 (Classic), 5 (Economy), 11 (Classic Grower) and 31 (Anvil cutting model).

Ergonomic: The ergonomic models offer cutting heads and ergonomics suited to every user, right and left-handed and/or users with large, medium or small hands. To reduce the cutting effort and prevent tendonitis (RSI), the tools feature inclined cutting heads and some models offer a revolving handle that further reduces physical effort and enhances user comfort. We stock the Models: 6 (Compact), 7 (Professional ergonomic with angled head and revolving handle), 8 (Professional ergonomic with angled head), 9 (Left handed version on No. 8), 10 (Left handed version of No. 7), 12 (Compact with revolving handle), the slightly larger Multipurpose No. 13 which can be used with one or two hands and 16 (Left handed version of No. 6).

We also stock the new Felco 19 system which is ideal for pruning disease prone plants. The set includes a 1 litre bottle, belt clip and spray assembly built onto No.8 secateurs. With every cut, the system delivers a spray which can disinfect the blade to prevent disease transfer whilst treating the plants.

Another addition to our range are the Felco 51 hoof trimming shears. The design is based on the Felco 8 ergonomic secateurs but feature a specifically shaped cutting head for fast and comfortable clipping. The blades also have a XYLAN® coating to keep the blades cleaner and protect against spreading hoof infection

There are a wide range of spare parts and replacement blades for these secateurs available from stock, along with ancillary items such as holsters, gloves, maintenance sprays and sharpening stones.

We also have Felco factory trained staff here able to carry out servicing if required.

We are always happy to advise on which Felco pruning shear model would be most suitable for you so please do have a chat with us if you require further information.