Felco Electric Secateurs

A new generation of professional electric pruning shears provides consistent pruning and cutting excellence.

Favoured by everyone from vineyard owners, to self-employed pruners, contractors and vineyard staff, the Felco Power Blade XPRO range is made up of four different models of electric pruning secateurs including:

  • the 802 capable of cutting up to 30mm;
  • the 812 for pruning up to 35mm;
  • and the heavy-duty 822 designed for making large, powerful cuts of up to 45mm.

Made from special high-speed steel, the XPRO blades, have been put through an additional hardening process to provide consistent pruning, cleaner cuts, and a longer blade life compared to conventional steel.

The blade, which also requires less sharpening, has been tested against competitors and came out by far the strongest option on the market.

All models come with a Power Pack- the new fully adjustable carrying system which is two times lighter and more compact than the previous carrying system. This pack can be worn in five different ways and the ventilated straps are based on the structure of the back for optimum comfort and freedom of movement.

The Felco Power Blades have also been fitted with Bluetooth connectivity enabling the shears to talk to the operator’s smartphone or tablet.

After installing the new Felco app, operators can adjust the semi-opening and activate holster mode. There is also a ‘dashboard’ that shows  tool performance data such as the number of cuts, battery life, time of usage and cut size statistics.

The Felco Power Blade features:

  • The new Felco XPRO blade, a superior quality hardened steel blade designed to provide longer cutting edge retention, precision and durability.
  • Semi-opening mode for faster cutting speed when using on smaller diameter wood. Adjustable to suit your needs at 50%, 60% and 70%.
  • Progressive trigger to give the perfect control of blade movement.
  • Micrometric setting to give optimal adjustment of the cutting head.
  • Soft touch coating on the handset to give the best comfort and grip possible.
  • Brushless motor for excellent performance and easier maintenance.
  • Rotary on/off switch at the base of the tool for easy access.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to a downloadable Felco app to monitor performance and make adjustments.
  • Compact, comfortable and adjustable carrying system.
  • As standard, all kits include a 825g battery which under normal conditions lasts a full day, but additional batteries are available along with a new double capacity 1360kg battery. All batteries feature a handy LED charge indicator and provide 25% more battery life than previous models.
  • Each kit comes in a handy, lightweight carry case, with charger and sharpening tool.