The OCLL APUS 5 is a simple tractor-mounted directional air blast sprayer which features a small anti-drift tower for spraying horizontally or vertically.

It is specifically designed for use in compact spaces, on sloping ground, or with tight headlands, where there is minimal room for manoeuvre.

Particularly in Kent, we find that a lot of our fruit customers have orchards planted on sites with steep gradients and heavy soils. Having a mounted sprayer alongside a trailed option is the only way to guarantee that sprayer-operators can get out in the spring, when the orchard floor is exceptionally slippery and problematic.

The OCLL APUS 5 can also be fitted with a SprayTrol monitoring system which has a number of unique programmable features to help make life easy for operators.

The range of OCLL sprayers from Carrarospray, including the APUS 5 sprayer, remains the most economically priced sprayers for growers with smaller-sized orchards or vineyards. We have stocked Carrarospray since the mid-1980s and have always noted how these well-built sprayers, which have a modern design to ensure that the unit passes through the crop without causing damage to plants, have consistently proven to give many years of reliable service.


  • Poly tank, available 300, 400, 500, 600Ltr
  • Adjustable 3 point Cat II hitch
  • Anti-drift tower in hot steel galvanised with frontal suction, top and adjustable deflectors
  • Galvanized steel frame with slides, protective keel and rear bumper
  • Protected hoses in the frame
  • Pto shaft
  • 15 litre hand washing tank
  • Fresh water tank for chemical residues 48l on 500-600l tank and 31l on 300-400l tank
  • Bypass valve to wash the system without dilution of the mixture
  • Dissolves powders, jet washing tank and washes container
  • Hinged cover with bayonet
  • Jet agitation
  • Main tank in polyethylene with total emptying by external cock valve
  • Washing tank
  • Suction filter and 2 batch filters before nozzles
  • Rinsing jet on basket filter
  • Adjustable upper deflectors
  • Albuz double nozzles, high-low volume
  • Connection for spraygun
  • Fan with adjustable blades
  • Pressure gauge d. 100 mm
  • Tank oil remote pump
  • Transmission with gearbox 2 speed and neutral
  • Volumetric pump in anodized aluminium
ModelCapacity (l)PumpAir flow rate m3/l – IIØ fan nr. bladesNr. nozzle
APUS5/300300APS7121500 – 39500700-8-27+7
APUS5/400467APS7121500 – 39500700-8-27+7
APUS5/500527APS9621500 – 39500700-8-27+7
APUS5/600638APS9621500 – 39500700-8-27+7