OCLL NPA Directional Sprayer

The rear-mounted NPA directional sprayer from OCLL is suitable for use in top fruit orchards and vineyards as well as other fruits, including raspberries. A galvanised steel frame chassis is standard on all models, with growers able to choose between 400, 500 or 600 litre tank capacities.

Equipped with an excellent quality 50 litres per min diaphragm pump, the NPA air-assisted nozzle system ensures even distribution and penetration of the spray through your crops. By effectively producing micrometric-sized droplets in a mist, which completely and uniformly cover the leaves with a very fine protective film, a more concentrated application of protection products can be achieved while reducing the volume of water required.

This low-volume sprayer technology means that the NPA directional sprayer can spray an area up to four times larger than any other standard high-volume air blast sprayer. By reducing the quantity of water by up to 80-90%, growers find that these sprayers offer considerable savings in time as they don’t need to refill the tank as often and can cover more acres with one tank. This method also allows the spray to reach the most hidden parts of the plant while avoiding any dripping and it allows the action of the active ingredients to take place evenly without staining the leaf or the fruit.

Other features of the NPA directional sprayer include a suction filter with shut-off valve and there is a 3-way valve for the fresh water tank for cleaning chemical residues. There is also jet agitation at high pressure, easily accessible controls, and a chart for calibrating spray rates.

The range of OCLL sprayers from Carrarospray, including the NPA directional sprayer, remains the most economically priced sprayers for growers with smaller-sized orchards or vineyards. We have stocked Carrarospray since the mid-1980s and have always noted how these well-built sprayers, which have a modern design to ensure that the unit passes through the crop without causing damage to plants, have consistently proven to give many years of reliable service.

OCLL NPA sprayer specifications:

  • 2 hand with 2 exits or 2 hand with 3exits
  • 4 brass cannons with nozzles
  • Centrifugal turbine in aluminium
  • Diaphragram pump APS51 50 l/m 0-40 bar
  • Electric remote control 2 ways Arag with manual reg. valve 2VE+VRPM
  • Emptying system of tank with external cock valve
  • Filters before nozzles
  • Fresh water tank for cleaning of chemical residues
  • Gearbox 1 speed and neutral
  • Hand washing tank
  • Jet agitation
  • Mixer on tank cover for powdered products
  • Painted steel frame
  • Polyethylene tank with graduated level gauge
  • Pressure regulator valve ECM 2-5 bar with pressure gauge
  • Pto shaft
  • Suction filter with shut-off valve
ModelCapacity (l)PumpDelivery (l/min)Ø fan nr. bladesNr. nozzle
NPA 200 PS200APS5150460-14
NPA 400 PS400APS5150460-14
NPA 500 PS500APS5150460-14
NPA 600 PS600APS5150460-14