OCLL APL Mounted Air Blast Sprayer

The range of OCLL sprayers from Carrarospray remain the most economically priced sprayers for growers with smaller-sized orchards or vineyards. We have stocked Carrarospray since the mid-1980s and have always noted how these well-built sprayers, which have a modern design to ensure that the unit passes through the crop without causing damage to plants, have consistently proven to give many years’ reliable service.

The APL and APLV mounted air blast sprayers come with excellent quality AR503 50 litre per min diaphragm pumps and the galvanised steel frame chassis is standard on all models. Produced in a range of different sizes, growers opting for the 600mm diameter fan and 8 nozzles can choose between the 200 or 300-litre tank, while those looking at the 700mm fan with 10 nozzles can select a 400, 500 or 600-litre tank.

The reinforced fibreglass tanks with graduated scale, come with hydraulic agitation, an emptying ecology valve, washing circuit for chemical residues, a mixer for powder and an internal nozzle washing system. There is a suction filter with shut-off valve fitted as standard as well as a regulator valve with manual control. The Albuz ATR nozzles come with an anti-drip device and there are top and directional wings to adjust and distribute the air.