Pessl nMetos Frost

The nMETOS FROST is part of the latest generation of low-power network devices that give growers remote access in close real-time to the conditions in the field 24/7. 

Spring frost can be a devastating experience for any grower. Climate change is emphasising the occurrence of spring frost events which coincide with flowering and cause huge crop losses every year.

From site-specific sensors, the nMETOS FROST module provides the measurements of wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures, relative humidity, dew point, VPD and delta T every 5 minutes. 

When a frost event is close to happening, an alert is sent by text, sound and email. This way, growers know the exact moment in which crops are at risk, and this will help save them money. Furthermore, it can determine if your frost mitigation tools are having the desired effect or need to be adjusted for efficiency.

Having accurate weather forecasts in the frost season becomes essential. Pessl has introduced a new graph that includes real-time measured data from your station’s wet bulb temperature sensors coupled with an accurate prediction of temperature trends over the next 48 hours. This allows you to know your current orchard and/or field conditions, a site-specific forecast for the key frost conditions and to track the historical trends.

Like other products of the METOS® family, the nMETOS FROST system measures and sends data to the FieldClimate platform using the NB-IoT service. Users have free access to data through web, mobile applications and decision support systems. From the FieldClimate dashboard, users can display the data in detailed graphs and tables, and export data in a chart/table.

Additional services (like weather forecasts) are available with a subscription. With the activation of a subscription for the localised weather forecast, real-time measured data from your station’s wet and dry bulb temperature sensors are coupled with an accurate prediction of temperature trends over the next 48 hours.

The nMETOS FROST consists of one plastic casing containing the electronics, metal holder, the battery, and the wet and dry bulb sensor. The bottle will need to be filled with water to provide accurate wet bulb readings.

nMETOS FROST technical specifications

Measurement interval (in minutes)Logging interval (in minutes)Transmission interval (in minutes)Wet bulb temperature value
51060>= 8° C
1515=4° C < 8° C
115< 4° C > -6° C
1515<= -6 C > -8° C
51060<= -8° C
HousingUV resistant polycarbonate plastic (Protection class IP65)
Dimensions30x26x8 cm
Weight0,6 kg
ConnectivityNB-IoT NB1 / Cat-M1
Power supply2x Fanso batteries
Wet bulb temperature
Dry bulb temperature
Temperature sensor: DS18B20
Operating temperature range: -55 °C to +125 °C
Thermometer error: -10 °C to +85 °C: ±0.3 °C
Drift: ±0.2 °C