NPS Table Top Strawberry Sprayer

Manufactured by ourselves!
In use all over the UK, from Kent to Scotland.

An air assisted straddle sprayer for use in table-top strawberries under tunnels.

We have been manufacturing these sprayers for five years now and have many machines working very successfully for a variety of strawberry growers, saving time and cutting costs.

We started manufacturing these machines when a grower came to us looking for advice on purchasing a machine. When we looked closely there was nothing on the market that was quite suitable; either due to being too lightweight, not being able to spray a whole tunnel in one pass or not powerful enough etc. So we produced what we think is a good solution.

On all trailed machines we have straddled either one or two rows so that we have a very stable boom to eliminate damage to the plants and tunnel covering where the ground undulates due to tractor ruts. The booms are hydraulic folding with a break back device. The flat fan nozzles are all air assisted with each outlet and nozzle assembly individually adjustable.

Our last machine has the ability to spray crops on the ground and table tops provided the spacings are similar.

Trailed or mounted we can deliver an effective air assisted solution to strawberry spraying.

This machine has a small but powerful fan unit which means it can be run by a small tractor.

Talk to us about your requirements and see how we can help you.

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