AgriCom Root Pruner Super


New and In Stock

Root pruner ‘Super’ complete with wheel set, one straight blade, weight frame and angled under cutting knife.

The Agri-Com root pruner can be used at anywhere between 1470 and 3270mm centres. The blade is put into and out of work by its own hydraulic ram, so selective root pruning can be carried out with either tine being put out of work without lifting the whole machine.

The machine can also be used to mark out rows for planting, leaving a clean deep slot to plant into. The maximum working depth of the blades is 450mm.

The Agri-Com Root Pruner can be used on a 60 HP tractor. Four-wheel drive is advisable, especially in heavy soil or dry conditions.

*The model in stock may vary slightly from the one pictured. Picture for illustration purposes only.