OCLL Carraro Spray


The OCLL APUS 5 is a simple tractor-mounted directional air blast sprayer which features a small anti-drift tower for spraying horizontally or vertically. It is specifically designed for use in compact spaces, on sloping ground, or with tight headlands, where there is minimal room for manoeuvre. Particularly in Kent, we find that a lot ofContinue reading

OCLL Q Wector 3

The OCLL Q Wector 3 sprayers benefit an air-intake fan positioned in front of the tower to prevents debris or spray from being drawn in.

OCLL ATP Air Blast Sprayer

These OCLL sprayers have been sold by us for many years as an economically priced range of sprayers. They are well built and use good quality AR diaphragm pumps giving many years service and reliability. Modern design with smooth lines means the machines are gently passing through your crops. Specifications are flexible and can beContinue reading