Specialist fruit and vine machinery demonstration days prove a success.

Over 100 top fruit growers and vineyard managers travelled from across the UK to attend NP Seymour’s two-day specialist fruit and vine machinery demonstration event on 20 and 21 July. 

Hosted by the kind permission of Clive Baxter at Amsbury Farm in Hunton, the event was a unique opportunity to witness the range of specialist machinery in action, offering a tangible experience beyond the confines of a traditional trade show.

On Thursday, attendees were able to see a range of demonstrations in the orchard with the opportunity to chat with NP Seymour’s team as well as representatives from the various manufacturers.

In the mechanical weeding section, orchard owners, managers and machinery operatives watched the Braun front-mounted quad Rollhacke finger weeder and Perfect van Wamel Terra Ranger.

In another part of the orchard, growers could watch Fruit-Tec’s pneumatic orchard defoliator, the REDpulse Duo, as well as the BMV FL800PC combi pruning saw and leaf trimmer and the OCLL Q Wector 3 sprayer.

In the yard, there were also several pieces of kit on display not being demonstrated, including the Munckhof Pluk-O-Trak picking platform. 

On Friday, the focus shifted to specialist vineyard equipment. As the UK wine industry continues to grow and develop, it was not a surprise that the viticulture day was the busier of the two days.

Many specifically came to see the results of the mechanical weeders, including the Braun vine trunk cleaner, which was mounted on the Braun Alpha mower. 

Others were interested in looking at the canopy management machinery on offer, including the ERO ELITE double-sided vine trimmer and ERO VITIpulse Combi defoliator.

Also on demonstration was the OCLL NPA directional sprayer and growers were able to see a Berthoud Win’Air three-row sprayer on display.

All machinery over the two days was operated by Fendt’s specialist 200 V/F/P tractors, including several brand-new Gen 3 models.

A range of iMetos weather stations and Felco secateurs were on display by the farm office, along with refreshments including Baxter’s Nashi Gold pear juice, Biddenden Vineyard’s apple juice, savouries from Kentish Mayde and ice creams from Solleys

Claire Seymour, NP Seymour’s Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “We are deeply thankful to everyone who attended and showed their unwavering support. 

“While trade shows, like the National Fruit Show, will always be an integral part of our annual calendar, we recognise the growing desire to see, first-hand the tangible results of the machines we sell. 

“There’s something special about being able to witness the machinery in action and then having an opportunity to discuss its capabilities firsthand with the manufacturers, our team and fellow growers. 

“We are optimistic about organising similar events in the future, ensuring that growers remain well-informed about the latest developments in specialist fruit and vine machinery.”

NP Seymour’s commitment to its mission of working with leading manufacturers and renowned brands to supply reliable, innovative and quality products to growers large and small was evident throughout the two-day event. 

For more information about NP Seymour and the range of specialist fruit and vine machinery on offer, visit www.npseymour.co.uk or phone 01580 712200.